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BASIC CCW - Concealed Handgun License (Ohio)

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This course prepares our students to file for their concealed carry permit. You will learn basic gun safety, firearms handling and training, and the laws in plain easy-to-understand language.

Offered: Every Saturday and Sunday


Length: 8 hours (6 hours class time + 2 hours Range Time)

Prerequisite: None

Price: $65

Price includes class, range time, ammo, target, and completion certificate

PRIVATE WEEKDAY CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE WITH A MINIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE. Call or text 513-607-8517 to arrange. Private CCW classes are $100 per person, no group rate. 

Course Overview

  • Overview and Introduction

  • Rules of Gun Safety

  • Ammunition Type and Uses

  • Revolvers

  • Semi-automatics

  • The application process

  • Reciprocity

  • Laws and Regulation

  • Duties accompanying carry a concealed weapon

  • Forbidden Carry Zones

  • Transporting in Motor Vehicle

  • Traffics Stops & Law Enforcement Encounters as a CCW Holder

  • Private Property, Workplace, and No Gun signs

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Civilian CCW - Three Condition of Self Defense

  • Castle Doctrine

  • Defense of others

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Aftermath of Use of Deadly Force

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