BASIC CCW - Concealed Handgun License (Ohio)

This course prepares our students to file for their concealed carry permit. You will learn basic gun safety, firearms handling and training, and the laws in plain easy-to-understand language.

  Price includes class, range time, ammo, target, and completion certificate


Course Outline 

  • Overview and Introduction

  • Rules of Gun Safety

  • Ammunition Type and Uses

  • Revolvers

  • Semi-automatics

  • The application process

  • Reciprocity

  • Laws and Regulation

  • Duties accompanying carry a concealed weapon

  • Forbidden Carry Zones

  • Transporting in Motor Vehicle

  • Traffics Stops & Law Enforcement Encounters as a CCW Holder

  • Private Property, Workplace, and No Gun signs

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Civilian CCW - Three Condition of Self Defense

  • Castle Doctrine

  • Defense of others

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Aftermath of Use of Deadly Force


Any day, coordinated with Instructor



8 hours (6 hours class time + 2 hours Range Time)




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