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(Note: You must take Basic CCW to take any Advanced Classes. Children must complete the Basic Youth Class before taking any further classes. Firearm Care & Cleaning is open to anyone.

BASIC CCW - Concealed Handgun License (Ohio)

This course prepares our students to file for their concealed carry permit. You will learn basic gun safety, firearms handling and training, and the laws in plain easy-to-understand language.

  Price includes class, range time, ammo, target, and completion certificate


Course Outline 

  • Overview and Introduction

  • Rules of Gun Safety

  • Ammunition Type and Uses

  • Revolvers

  • Semi-automatics

  • The application process

  • Reciprocity

  • Laws and Regulation

  • Duties accompanying carry a concealed weapon

  • Forbidden Carry Zones

  • Transporting in Motor Vehicle

  • Traffics Stops & Law Enforcement Encounters as a CCW Holder

  • Private Property, Workplace, and No Gun signs

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Civilian CCW - Three Condition of Self Defense

  • Castle Doctrine

  • Defense of others

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Aftermath of Use of Deadly Force


Saturday & Sunday



8 hours (6 hours class time + 2 hours Range Time)


Basic Defensive Shooting

So, you have your CCW and sidearm, now what? This is the next step in your journey to self-preservation. This class introduces you to defensive shooting as opposed to target practice. We will work with you on skillsets like stances, grips, off-handed shooting, point aiming, recoil recovery (“ride the slide”) and other necessary drills and exercises to improve your speed and accuracy should you ever have to defend yourself or your loved ones.

Price includes: Class, Range Time, Safety Equipment, Personal & Home Defense Textbook


Course Outline


  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

    • Situational Awareness & Threat Conditions (White, Yellow, Orange, Red)

    • Know your surroundings – Cover Concealment and Barriers

    • Your Personal Defense Plan (Defensive Profiling & Defensive Living)

  • Gun Safety

  • Familiarization with your weapon



  • Finding your stance – Weaver, Isosceles and others

  • Point Aiming, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture

  • Rapid Target Acquisition

  • Reflexive Shooting – Define your defensive bubble

  • Basic Techniques

  • Shooting While Retreating

  • Shooting to Find Cover


Periodically - check schedule



4 hours tactical range time

Basic CCW

Advanced Defensive Shooting 1

This class takes your defensive shooting skills to the top! Learn about your weapon in-depth, and then go to the range and shoot from different positions and situations including prone, sitting, cross-body (from a car), shooting from cover, moving targets, and we will practice 21-feet moving defensive drills to drastically reduce your time to get your weapon from holster or pocket to on target.

Price includes: Class, Range Time, Safety Equipment


Course Outline


  • Basic Gun Safety

  • Weapon Inspection and Familiarization

  • Field Stripping

  • Psychology and Application of Violence (David Grossman’s On Killing)


  • Grip and Stance

  • Kneeling, Prone, Sitting, Lying on back and other unconventional positions

  • Shooting from Cover

  • Engaging Multiple Targets

  • Engaging Multiple Targets in company of non-combatants

  • Reloading

  • Tueller Drills (Shooting at an Fast Advancing Attacker)


Once Per Month



4 hours  

Basic Defensive Shooting

Basic Youth Gun Safety & Environment Awareness

Having kids and guns in the same place doesn't have to be a recipe for tragedy. Let your kids learn about gun safety, the dangers, and how to handle a gun safely until an adult arrives. Children will also learn how to be aware of their immediate environment to avoid conflict. 

Price includes: Class, Airsoft Equipment, Safety Equipment, "Youth Gun Safety Workbook"


Course Outline


  • Intro to Guns

    • Types of Guns​: Revolver, Semi-automatic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

    • Types of Action and Automatic vs. Semiautomatic

    • Ammunition / How Guns Work

  • Gun Safety

    • "Tools Not Toys" Philosophy​

    • Rules of Gun Safety

  • ​Real World vs. Fantasy (TV/Video Games)
  • Handling of Safe Real Weapons
    • How to Make a Weapon Safe​

  • Quiz


  • Dominant Eye Determination

  • Grip & Stance

  • Live Non-lethal Target Shooting Exercise with Airsoft Weapons and Safety Gear


Twice Per Month - $20 per child



3 hours

None - This class is for ages 5-17

AR-15 Basic Tactical Rifle Course

Despite people telling you there is no reason to have one, knowing how to use your AR-15 safely and effectively may one day save your life or the life of others. Or you can continue to use it safely for the range, but with some knowledge about how to sight, care for, and shoot your AR-15 Rifle.

Price includes: Classroom portion, Range Time, Safety Equipment, Empt Chamber Indicator


Course Outline


  • Safety Review

  • Field Strip, Clean , and Reassemble your AR

    • Identify Parts

    • Strip and Clean

    • Reassemble


  • Range Briefing

  • Proper Grip & Stance

  • Basic Sighting and Static Shooting

  • Shooting at Multiple Distances

Come prepared for the weather, boots or comfortable hard sole shoes suggested. Slings and straps are allowed. 





4.5 hours

None - but a CCW License is preferred.




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