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Youth Safety & Abduction Awareness Course


WHEN: February 22, 2020​  9am to 1pm

WHERE:  Indianapolis Black Firefighters Association

                1201 E. 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN. 46205

This class teaches kids basic firearm safety and proper handling of guns as well as how they work and how to make them safe. In addition, because of the epidemic of child abductions they will be given coaching and practices to put in place to help keep them safe. The adults who attend will also receive anti-abduction coaching as well. 

This course is taught by NRA & United States Concealed Carry Association Nationally Accredited Instructors that have military, federal, and law enforcement training. Education is the key and knowledge is power.

Booklets, Snacks provided. We bring safety gear and Airsoft training guns for the kids to learn safe handling and range commands.

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